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With social media being such a huge thing these days, even our holidays are being influenced so if you want to make sure your pictures reflect your holiday follow this guide.

Snap the Luggage

No matter what camera I take on holiday with me, or when I’m on a business trip, there’s always a number of photos I will take while travelling. The first is of everybody’s luggage. I’ve only once experienced arriving at a destination to find that my luggage had arrived at another destination. I’d had the foresight to take a picture of the bag, and when I showed them at the airline desk, they sent the picture to their colleagues at the airport with my luggage, made a match, and within a day I was reunited with my luggage. I was probably lucky, but I still take a snap of my luggage to this day!

Snap the Kids

If you have young children, then take a picture of them in their holiday gear. It’s just in case they get lost and you need to go to the local authorities with a description. Far easier to show them a picture!

Snap the Maps

Unless you are totally organised and have street maps, underground maps, train timetables, flight times, airline tickets, destination and home addresses all sorted and organised for your trip, you can carry them with you in your camera. Either before you go, take a picture of the local bus or underground map. Make sure you can blow it up on your camera so you can home in on a particular stop or area. Then while abroad if you get lost, just show a local your picture and point to where you want to go. No need to hunt around for a map or spend ages giving directions in a language you’re not fluent in!

Go Small

Unless you know you are going to need the full panoply of effects and features that are available to you on your chunky digital SLR camera, take the smallest camera you can that will do what you want it to do. It weighs less, it will be easy to carry in your pocket, it will be easy to whip out and take a snap if an instant opportunity presents itself, and with modern compacts, you get a very good picture, almost rivalling the more costly digital SLRs. A point and shoot may be sufficient if you are just looking for a record of where you’ve been. But if you think you may suddenly get the urge to be a bit more creative, a “creative compact” with a modest zoom should fit the bill.

Even Compacts Can Get Clobbered

Even if you are taking a small compact digital camera on your travels, get an appropriately sized case to protect it. You may not think you are Mr or Mrs Butterfingers, but a camera can accidentally but easily be knocked off a table by you, or someone else.  I would also recommend you take it with you in your hand luggage if flying, not your hold luggage. Not only is it safer to keep it with you, but there may be photo opportunities while travelling. Isn’t that Justin Timberlake getting the same plane as you at Gate 27? Where’s the camera? In the hold?? Oh no!!!

While on the subject of protection use a clear screen cover to protect the LCD screen, unless it folds in away. Nothing worse than a scratch on the view screen to distract you when framing a picture. There are flexible sheets of clear plastic that go over the LCD screen and protect it from scratches. They can be peeled off after use with no effect on the screen.

Power Up!

Finally make sure that you will have sufficient power for your camera all through your holiday. That may be spare batteries or a charger with appropriate converter for the electricity voltage used in the country you are visiting. I went to Lille on a day trip fully expecting I could get some lithium batteries for my camera when I got there. It was Bastille Day. Everywhere was shut! Until they have invented clockwork wind-up cameras as good as digital cameras, then don’t be left powerless!


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