Travelling with our Pets

Anyone with a pet will know that they are part of the family, the thought of leaving them behind while we go on holiday is hard so more us are taking them with us.

There are loads of great holidays and trips that we can include our pets on so if you are planning to take your fur babies with you here are some tips that might help.

While it may seem expensive to take your pets abroad with you, the price of boarding for long trips isn’t much better. If you’re heading off for an extended break, you may as well take your pets with you – animals love to discover new places just as much as we do! It will require some extra effort, but with a little forward planning a holiday with your pet can be simple and affordable.

Any pet leaving the country into Europe must first fulfil certain criteria as determined by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). These are as follows:

  1. Pets must be microchipped. They will be scanned on their way out and into the country, so make sure they have proper identification chips.
  2. Medical treatment. Your pet will need to be vaccinated against rabies, even if they already have a current vaccination. Make sure you do this after the microchip has been installed to prevent further contamination. You will also need to arrange a test for tapeworm, which must be carried out 24-120 hours before re-entering the UK. You may need to find a vet abroad to carry this out for you.
  3. Approval. All pets must travel with an approved pet transportation provider, on an authorised route.
  4. Pet Passports. These are issued by a vet, and are essential for leaving and entering the UK. Your Pet Passport will only be issued once all other requirements are fulfilled.

From a practical standpoint, there are also a number of other things you’ll need to consider to make sure your pet’s journey is as comfortable as possible.

–          Check that your pet insurance covers holidays and travel abroad; this will make sure you don’t have to pay out any extra if your holiday is cancelled of if something goes wrong while you’re away.

–          Bring along your pet’s favourite toys and blankets – this will keep them comfortable on the journey, and provide something familiar while you’re in a new place.

–          Think about the type of holiday you’re taking, and whether or not it would be suitable to take your pet with you. While walkers and hikers may not find it so difficult, a city break or an activity holiday may be tricky, as your pet might not be allowed into many places. If in doubt, see if you can arrange a sitter rather than putting your pet into kennels, as these are generally cheaper and less stressful for all involved.


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